Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Parental Leave

I am loving having Thomas home with me. It is so nice just to be together like this, with the kids. Although, sometimes i feel like i am neglecting them so i can be with him. I think i have become more selfish since he's been off. I dont want to share him with anyone... yet i have be come more giving of his time. He is going out more than ever. I love that he is getting 'guy' time, and making good friendships. I love that we are getting this special time. I love that we are exploring new things and able to come back together and share them together. I love that we dont want to be apart. And at the same we love that we are getting our together time during the day so when the kids go to bed, we can either let the passion get the better of us right then, or later in the evening.

On another note... I am so excited about the prospect of the church planting around the corner from me. We choose this area specifically. Although, we would love to live closer to downtown, we also feel a responciblity to our community. Last year i even hired a boy from around the corner to do odd jobs for me. Jobs i can do, and did do. but i felt if i could hire him, then he would have something to do, and money to do things with. He came from a home with a step dad who didnt work, and wouldnt allow him to stay in the house, so he was out all the time. He didnt get an allowance at home... so i feel like i was able to contribute and help him a little. This is where i want to be, either in kingston, toronto or ottawa... in a community that helps the community. I love doing it. And i am glad that we are going to be doing it here!

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