Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This week, starting last thursday, has been amazing!!!

There is only one position that is ranked on Thomas' course. There is no second place. And with much answer to prayer, Thomas has been ranked #1 unanimously, among his peers and staff. This is a huge honour!! I am so proud of him. It has been 5 years of waiting and praying and waiting more... and it is so exciting to see God answer these prayers and bless him.

Last night we played softball. It was so much fun!!! I really enjoyed it. I dont know if the team ended up winning, but i do know that i was batting 1.000!!! Thomas got an amazing out... and i played 1st base. I didnt drop the ball once! Yeah me!!

And as of today, we are both 30!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Ramblings

This weekend and today have felt more busy than what they were. And i feel like i am on a treadmill; moving quickly but getting no where.

This morning Jul and i did some math by playing football. I think by the time he is 8 he will have no problem with his 7 times tables! We painted in the bath for a bit. And cleaned the house. Again.

I keep thinking that i need a curriculum, i need a better system, i need to focus more, i need to be more diligent, i need to be more creative.... and so on. What i think i really need is to settle down. Relax and get things in order for september. And maybe prepare a bit the night before. Hopefully by then Jul is back to Jul.

Jul's big joy in life right now is washing the floors. Which is great, except that i need to have it in a washable state. I am trying to have it that way daily, but with little co-operation.

Tonight i invited several people over who wanted to get together and chat 'home school stuff', and i think it is going to turn into a movie night, seeing as only 2 people are coming. Mind you, it was originally friday, then saturday and i was asked to move it to accommodate people... i dont think i am going to be so accommodating anymore.

Wednesday cant come fast enough.

Friday, May 2, 2008

On Sunday on our walk back from the book fair at church, we stopped at the local high school to eat lunch outside. Clover tumbled a little and pouted. Thomas walked over and hugged her to make her feel better. Oakley watched all this very intently. After it all played out, he put his hands on the ground and very slowly lowered his head until the top barely touched the ground. He popped up, looked over to Thomas and gave the same pout Clover gave. Thomas went over to him and comforted him the way that he did for Clover. The funny part of the story is that Oakley repeated "hitting" his head and running to Thomas for comfort about a dozen times.