Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here it is

Thomas is now a Captain. And by November, we will be living in Meaford.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Softball and i have a very tumultuous relationship. Most of the time, we go well together. Other times, not so much. As was displayed Friday night. But in many ways, it might have been so appropriate to end the season the way it started; with a broken nose. But i will not yield!! I played no matter what. And had so much fun!!!! (i dont believe it to be broken... but i was reminded by one of my teammates that i am not always good at knowing when to say when.)

I think i am very unusual in that pain makes me focus clearly. My eyes were tearing, and my face stinging... but i didnt want the moment to be rushed, the pain was a fascinating sensation. I'm not saying that i want to do it again, but i dont mind pain. Pain is telling us something, and most people fight pain instead of going with it. And i find that after being in a little bit of pain, i seem to not be as distracted.

We had so much fun at the games. Especially the 2nd game, which we won and i got the last out out!!! I am sad that it is over. I wonder if i will be able to play next year.

We also had Thomas' cousin and partner (hurry up and get married, i really want to come to the wedding!!!!) visit Saturday. I love spending time with them. They are too much fun!!! But after they left i decided that i would put the younger kids to bed and not go to church. I thought i would be best for them because there was no way they could keep it together. But i am sad that i missed it!! Apparently we did some exercises writing people little cards. There are so many things i would love to say, but never have the opportunity. It sounds like it was a lot of fun!!!

I cant wait to see what this week brings!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

bad bad bad

I had the worse night EVER!!!! I could hear little mice under my house. Yuck. I went to be at a reasonable time. Where i was wakened by a bat flying around. Scary. My neighbour's alarm went off at 6am, very loudly. Frustrating. Then i come down stairs, go to the car to get my extra glasses (because there is no way i am going back into my bedroom with a bat still in there!!!), come back into the kitchen, and there are raccoons in my back yard! One drinking out of the pool! INFURIATING!!!

I am not happy this morning. I have a really bad cold, i didnt sleep well, and i have no idea how i am going to get dressed this morning. I can find the humour in this. Just not yet. And to top it all off, i cant find my cinnamon bun recipe.

Friday, August 8, 2008

"They Say That in the Army..."

I am so anxious!!! I am having a hard time focusing on anything right now. It's easier to be distracted by, well, anything than stay on task. I hate that we STILL dont know where Thomas is going to be posted to. Why must it take so stinking long?! Thomas keeps saying 'hopefully by the end of next week'. Well, no kidding!!! The course ends the week after, and parade is in 19 days! What the heck!?

Seriously, they have to have an idea by now! They have to have made a decision! What's the hold up?! I want to be assured that everything is ok... that we will be ok. I want to be able to make plans... this waiting for so long just isnt fun anymore. I try to remind myself that it is an adventure... but if i dont know where i am going, it is just stressful.

I usually love anticipation.. but at Christmas. I am trying to remember that this is an exciting time, with Thomas' promotion... and a new house. But i just want to know where i will be so that i can begin the adventure.


Please God, give me patience, so i dont have to be frustrated. You set all things in motion. And i know that this, too, will be good.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Someone at Thomas' work suggested getting a dog. Thomas asked who would take care of it. They said Jul. To which Thomas said that Jul cant keep fish alive, let alone a dog!!!

About 6 weeks ago, Jul went fishing with his best friend Peter and his father Lei. When they got back they brought the fish all home. But one was alive, in a bucket. Jul and Peter come running in, showing it to me... then dump this sunfish (which happened to be bigger than this one in the picture) into our fish tank!!!

So, for weeks, this stinking fish, that Jul has called Peter, is swimming around, jumping and hitting the lights... and in all just making a mess of the tank! We released it back into the lake last weekend... after it ate all but one of the fish.

So after telling this story to Thomas' co-worker, the person said that Jul did a great job keeping the big fish alive!

Hmph. I guess it is all perspective.