Friday, March 17, 2006

I love today! Not because of the green shamrocks, or green anything. I love it because Thomas and i had the day basicly alone! Jul is at the playtrium and having a great time. Clover is is Thomas, and i just woke up. I'm sure i could sleep longer, but i thought i ought to get up. I'm getting hungry. I want to go out tonight... go listen to irish music. Maybe dance a little. I know it wont happen... but it would be fun!

We start watching Thomas' nephew on monday. I do want to help Marie out, i just dont know how i feel about babysitting every day. I want us to be able to do things and go places. This time off is for us to do things. So we will have to see what happens. The next two weeks Liam is here. But after that her schedual will be sorted out. And hopefully we will have some time back to ourselves. So we can go places and do things. I have no problem taking another child around.... but we want to go places and we cant do that if we watch him every day. I know i am being selfish. But i dont want to share my time with Thomas. And i feel guilty of that. Partially because i am being gluttenous, and partly because i dont even want to share him with our kids.

I am loving lazy afternoons... quiet. and very peaceful.

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