Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have become an insomniac. I have had moments of insomnia, usually due to a baby. When that happens, the sleepless nights feel purposeful. But right now they are just making my life miserable.

I have been dreaming of painting and taping. Not exactly restful. In fact, my dreams are making my reality that much more frustrating. If i have to painting walls all night in my dreams, i dont want to do the same walls during the day.

I just want this house to be ready and sell quickly.

I wonder if there are any tutorials on how to sell a homeschooling house.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sanding And Painting And Selling! Oh My!

Although it isn't official until April, the people who control where we go have decided on Kingston. I feel pretty convinced of God's hand in this because Thomas' career manager said that he was unsure who Thomas knew, because this move was set before he moved into this position.


There is much to do here. Paint touch-ups. A new floor for the bathroom, and a new finish for the floor in the kitchen and sun room. Oh man! There is a tonne of things to do before April.

And then there is a new house to find. ACK! I know that God will be as present in this move as He was in the last. He is the one who gave us such a great house in Owen Sound. I know He will give an equally perfect house for our family in Kingston.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clover: Mommy, if Oakley's name starts with 'O', shouldnt it be Ockley?

Mommy: Very clever!!! But "when two vowels go a' walkin', the first one does the talkin'."

Clover: ah, O A K L E Y! Oakley! [laughter]

she gets it!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Does it have to be Friday?

I am very excited about today. We will be able to do our usual schedule today, for the first time in what seem forever!!! I find that if i dont have some plan for the day it rushes by me and we accomplish so little! I had planned yesterday to sew with Clover, it didnt happen. I planned on putting laundry away, it didnt happen.

But, we did have a lovely dinner and dessert. I got to talk to each child and just enjoy the day.

And it cant be all bad; my kitchen and dining rooms are clean and ready to go for today. The kids are prepared, and one excited, about today. I wish my whole week could be like this, starting with a monday. I cant even imagine all that i could get done if my week started this well!!!

On another note, i am looking into new curriculums for my children. I hate the idea of settling on just one for all the kids, and i hate the idea of spending so much money! I think i am insecure about the lack of time and effort put into school with the kids. I guess what i really want is books for each subject so i can see them being filled. I still stand behind the Moore Formula.

I need to find my camera and knitting.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

For just over a week now i have been getting up before 6am. I usually read my Bible then work out. I stare at my blog because there are things i want to express, but my words are very jumbled. They will be done though... sometime.

I have found this time to be really wonderful for my attitude and my motivation. We can eat breakfast earlier for one, starting the day earlier. (the kids still arent allowed out of bed before 7 though!) And although i feel tired, it isnt the same kind of tired.

I have been going through homeschool curriculums. There is a conference coming up and i want to be educated when i arrive for the vendors area. None of the curriculums i find really make me feel excited. If i dont feel excited about it, i'm not going to use it. It really is that simple. The kids are so individual that i dont want to buy three separate ones... that would be insanely expensive. And i do want to teach them in each their own way. I wish i felt safer about unschooling.

Also, the time with my Bible is creating so many questions! And sometimes i find it isnt very well written... In the beginning. I think i should draw a quick visual for the family trees!!!