Saturday, March 11, 2006


The Kingston film fest is on this weekend. I bought a VIP pass because last year i didnt get to see the film i wanted due to it being sold out. Last night i saw "Love is Work", an improvisational comdedy/drama. It was ok. I enjoyed it because i love watching people. The second film had me completely captivated! "The End of Silence" is a romance film. The passion between the actors was incredible. The tenderness and affection was heart warming. Scenes between Eddie and Darya (a russian ballerina, who doesnt speak much english)we moving. The director captured something special... especially in one scene where Darya starts crying, you see Eddie with her in the bathroom , washing her face in the bathtub. Very tender. Sarah Harmer gets her acting debut in this movie, and does a wonderful job. The only complaint i have about this movie is that i believe that such passion and love should be together. Maybe i am naive that way, but i have to forget the ending so that i can keep the feeling of passion. I think i love this movie because i know that passion. I know how it feels to be looked at like the way Eddie does to Darya. I know how it feels to be in a room of people and feel such passion that is almost uncontrolable. I know how it feels to have passion so strong that others can see an aura almost... passion that is tangible. I cant imagine living without this passion! And it hurts to even think a thing is possible.

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