Thursday, July 24, 2008

My mind is running every which way and back again. I am trying to stay focused on now. And right now, i need to bake. But what i have been thinking about is: where are we going to be in 6 months. Not figuratively, but literally.

Posting season is usually July for military members. Seeing as Thomas is on course right now, that isnt possible. So, he will be posted in August. But where? Have they already decided? And if so, why are they waiting so long to tell us! I feel a bit of comfort in thinking it has been decided already. In the mean time, Thomas is working like crazy to be 'Top Candidate' so that he has top choice of locations. (Or more importantly, of jobs.)

And i'm being greedy. I want a bigger house. I feel that i need a bigger house, and in many ways i do! 900 sq.f. is not enough for 5 of us. Or at least not enough for me to be able to keep it clean. Well, tidy. I detest using anti-bacterial soaps, and this has only reinforced why!!! (look past the rant about rock stars!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Clover calls thistles 'pistols', and gorillas 'granolas'. She gives the evil eye to strangers, yet can melt their hearts when she smiles. Plays in beautiful dresses that shouldnt be played in... sneaks around eating all the lolly pops, then hides the evidence. Sings constantly in her sweet little nasally voice.

This child drives me crazy!!! And i love her so much! Her large dark eyes with thick lashes. Her sweet little nose. Her 'gorgeous' smile.

pictures to follow, once i find them!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I am loving softball. I didnt expect that i would enjoy it as much as i do. Maybe it's due to the fact that i am way better than i thought i would be.

This past Thursday night i got slammed in the ankle with a very fast (and ill named) softball. Seeing as it is now Saturday... and it is still swollen, and still very sore, i'm wondering if i should have it checked out. I would hate to miss the game on Monday, and so i am avoiding being told something i dont want to hear. When i was 18 i broke my finger playing football... told the teacher i broke it, she said i didnt, so i kept playing. Finally on the advice of the volleyball coach i went 3 or 4 days later to have it xrayed. I still have a huge lump on my finger from the bone fragment... and it hurts if i havent knit in a while and then start up again.

So... i am reluctant to see a doctor. I hate thinking i am weak. And i know that ignoring the problem, doesnt fix it. I can walk on it... so everything is ok.