Sunday, November 30, 2008

This has been the most difficult year of our marriage. There has been so much that has happened and so much that has kept us from growing together. But this is the first time i dont feel scared about how the reunion will go.

When Thomas first joined the army we were separated for just about as long as this has been, but this time it feels different. I dont feel like we are struggling to keep connected this time. Instead it feels like we have both been growing parallel to each other on our way to rejoining.

I feel so sad about leaving kingston. Well... i feel sad about leaving the people. And before, in previous times, reuniting would have been difficult if it hadnt been for family and friends to help us get out together by babysitting. This time, however, i feel excited. What a great opportunity! A new city, new house, new job, new church.

I know that there will be an adjustment time, but i dont think it will be complicated this time. I think it will be an adventure. I think we are going to grow as a family in a great way... and i am so excited to see it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

NOTE: we own this house, and might have found a buyer for ours.

I am taking a risk at sharing all this.

We still havent had the finacing come through for the house we want... but i am going to step out in faith, and also have all of you pray for us! We have 5% of the hosue in our account, right now. But CHMA (morgage insurance company) wants us to come up with another 5%. We are really close.

So... (drumroll please) Here it is!!!!

I love it!
Most of you can go to previous posts to go through the virtual tour online... but i am also going to upload pictures of the 3 fireplaces that dont show well online.

The fireplace above is in the formal dining room...which we will probably use as a living room.

The one below is in the front room (which Thomas wishes to put a pool table in... but we will have to see if that will work)

This one is in our bedroom... yes, bedroom!And what does the Captain think?

Monday, November 17, 2008

OH NO!!!! who is this? It's the masked advenger!! Thomas is tagging out, but Jordin, dispite the assault she has taken, is still in this.

What a match up!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Brock vs Couture

It's fight night!! And it promises to be a good one!

In the red corner we have Thomas; and in the blue corner we have Jordin.

now you have your vote:



Blue (they need to lower the price... if we are to get it!)

Who do YOU think is going to win?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My hand hurts. I dont have very good veins... which makes blood work uncomfortable at times. I've had my veins roll, collapse and completely disappear. Sometimes when the nurse cant find a 'good' vein, they use a butterfly needle on my hand... and sometimes an infant butterfly.

When i had my wisdom teeth out, i had 2 different nurses try to get the IV in. The first on poked twice, Got one on my forearm, which hurt like a bugger. When i asked if it was supposed to burn the jumped up and pulled it out immediately. No, she says, it shouldnt. I felt so bad for her. She then went and got another nurse to try.

One time the blood work went so bad that my vein went black. In the soft part of the inside of my elbow was dark blues and purples, and the vein that was tapped was just black. It was very impressive.

On occasion i have tried to give blood to the blood bank, and it takes about half an hour to give a pint. Then i have a history of passing out. I am use to it. I usually warn the nurses before hand. They appreciate it. I find coke to be the best to drink after giving blood, that and oranges. But i prefer the cookies.

I scar from 'lines'. I have two very distinct marks on my left hand and forearm from when my boys were born. And where they draw blood on the inside of my arm looks like the track marks of an addict.

But right now, my hand hurts. Bruised and slightly swollen, marked from a painful encounter with a 'butterfly'. I will be getting to do it all again on Thursday.