Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have become an insomniac. I have had moments of insomnia, usually due to a baby. When that happens, the sleepless nights feel purposeful. But right now they are just making my life miserable.

I have been dreaming of painting and taping. Not exactly restful. In fact, my dreams are making my reality that much more frustrating. If i have to painting walls all night in my dreams, i dont want to do the same walls during the day.

I just want this house to be ready and sell quickly.

I wonder if there are any tutorials on how to sell a homeschooling house.


Rachel said...

We prayed for you last night at living room (before I'd even read this) and you can be sure I (and others) will continue to pray.

I hope you can sleep. I know it is the most frustrating and desperate thing.

And I can only imagine how hard it would be to sell a homeschooling house. When we sold ours, we only had the girls and they were just 2 and 4, so it wasn't the same, but even THAT was super stressful.

One way or another, the next half year will pass and when it does, you'll be settling in here in Kingston!

Sending my love....

jordin said...

I feel so loved knowing that you guys are praying for me!!! I miss you all so much, and feel reassured hearing that you all think of me, and maybe even missing me as much as i am missing you all!

Thank you! I feel your love!