Thursday, February 3, 2011

For just over a week now i have been getting up before 6am. I usually read my Bible then work out. I stare at my blog because there are things i want to express, but my words are very jumbled. They will be done though... sometime.

I have found this time to be really wonderful for my attitude and my motivation. We can eat breakfast earlier for one, starting the day earlier. (the kids still arent allowed out of bed before 7 though!) And although i feel tired, it isnt the same kind of tired.

I have been going through homeschool curriculums. There is a conference coming up and i want to be educated when i arrive for the vendors area. None of the curriculums i find really make me feel excited. If i dont feel excited about it, i'm not going to use it. It really is that simple. The kids are so individual that i dont want to buy three separate ones... that would be insanely expensive. And i do want to teach them in each their own way. I wish i felt safer about unschooling.

Also, the time with my Bible is creating so many questions! And sometimes i find it isnt very well written... In the beginning. I think i should draw a quick visual for the family trees!!!

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