Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the calm

First, sorry Al. Jul was just too enthusiastic to contain!

Today has been much improved from the previous week of turmoil! Jul's attitude has been up and down, but mainly up. And today, after doing our 'school' work and while finishing lunch Jul wrote a song... i wrote down the lyrics as he sang, and he wants to sing it this sunday....
Here it is!!!

Listen to your Heart
by Jul Peters
Listen to your heart
because your heart beats
if you dont listen
you dont know when God speaks.
Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord
If you look into outer space
you can see G0d's eye
and he looks into your heart
If you dont listen to Him
you will go to the desert
If you listen to him
He will let you live with your family
And when you die
you will be with Him and play with Him
because He is building a house for you
Praise the Lord!
Despite everything i do wrong with my kids, God fills in the gaps and repairs the damage.
A wise woman once told me that having kids will mean that my heart will forever be beating on the outside of my body. And i'm glad that God is in my heart, where ever my heart is.

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Aphra said...

I'm looking forward to hearing it! Sometimes kids have it so much easier in hearing from God because they don't have all the baggage that adults do. It's great!