Sunday, March 30, 2008


Twice this week Jul has broken his glasses. And not by accident. But violently and purposely. After the first time, he learned not to break them, he had Clover jump on them. That way *he* didnt break them, he just told Clover to break them. So, in my distress, i removed ALL of their toys. ALL! Thomas and i are going to go through them all and sort through and get rid of most of them. The rest are going to be earned back. (until tuesday, when they can have them all back.)

I am very grateful for my church. I was able to talk to another mom who works with troubled kids.... and it was so useful to be reminded of things that i seem to forget during the moment. Such as, when kids are angry they want to show how angry they are. And although i knew this, i couldnt see it. She also gave me some useful skills in dealing with Jul.

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