Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wooly bum cover

Ok... please bear with me while i do this. But here are the instructions and poor pictures to show what i mean. (My machine is still broken, but these are my second attempt, and i love them!)

First thing i did was find a pair of pants and guesstimate how to cut the sleeves on the sweater so that they are the same shape as the pants. If they look like the are going to be too tight, they are perfect!!!

The proportions are this: Waist divided by three (say for ease, 18 inches total, so 6 inches,) then you half that again (3 inches), because the sweater is folded in half, so, two sleeves, two-thirds of the waist.

The final third is the back panel. That needs to be the length of the opening that you created by cutting the sleeves, plus about an inchish... curving slightly all the way around.

You will have to stretch the leg part to make it fit seam to seam, but this adds such a sweet little curve in the bottom. After you have sewn the back panel to the legs, cut a slant down the front so that it lowers about 1/2 inch. Sew the front together.

So the total of the waist now is 15.5 inches because i use 1/4 inch seam allowance. I now measure a two inch (or what every size you want) high rectangle thats 16 inches long, sew it together at the short end and sew it onto the waist to create a waist band. And at this point you can make them as long or as short as you want.

And voila!
so stinking cute!!!

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