Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Ok... so, on Sunday night at Livingroom i was telling how i have been making wool soaker pants and i was asked to post how i make them. Well, as i am sewing and cutting and so on, the kids are playing and talking... and well... i thought the cord was UNDER the cutting mat...
And so what we have learned today:
Be aware!
Be careful!
Sparks are scary!
And finally, cutting a cord is very smelly!!!
So.... pictures and guide for the pants will be coming soon!!! As soon as i can get a new power cord for the machine.


Rachel said...

YIKES! Glad I wasn't there!

Where did you get your cutting mat? Was it expensive?

jordin said...

I bought it at micheals with a 50% off coupon... and even if you were here, it was quick... and stinky. :)

Anonymous said...

HAHA that's pretty funny...well a little bit funny only because this is the girl who has mowed more extension cords while cutting the grass than I am usually willing to admit.