Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Joy is back

Last week Jul went away to camp. All week. He had a fabulous time!!! I was concerned that he wouldnt be able to sleep away the whole week. But he did. And everyone i talked to at the camp apparently really enjoyed Jul. They went bowling, made sleds out of cardboard, skated, made an igloo and had a talent show. ( Jul brake danced and sang Old MacDonald's Farm.) Having him home has been wonderful. I missed him.

This past weekend the stress in the house came to blows. Thomas and i had it out. And after, we went out for supper. (thanks to my mom who watched the kids.)

And thank you, everyone who has listened to me last week... This week is already looking so much better than last week... despite the broken window in the front door.

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Aphra said...

I am glad that both joy and Jul are back :)
Will continue to pray for y'all.