Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I think i can!

I feel so much better about teaching my children myself now that i have had Jul in school. before i felt like i was constantly failing because other kids were doing things that Jul wasnt. I couldnt always see the things that Jul was doing that they werent. Mainly because one only talks about what a child is doing, as opposed to what they arent doing. So having Jul in school reminded me that all children develop differently, and that each childs interests help with that development.


Today started out rough. Jul was in a bad mood and it took a long time to work him back to himself. And by around 11 i was feeling a little disappointed that it seemed like another "school day" wasted.


We read about Egypt and mummies. Did a huge amount of math problems. And at 3 (when i told Jul "school" is over) i asked if he wanted to watch some tv.

"No thank you, mommy, i'm reading to Clover."

And he was. I love the computer. He was reading stories from Starfall to her. The place is relatively tidy, i have done 2 loads of laundry.... today is a success.

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Rachel said...


Here's to many more successful days!