Sunday, October 1, 2006

Time going on

Well, its been two weeks since Thomas left. And this time has been an easier transition than any other before. Although, we still dont have a full routine, we are finding out way much easier than any other time before. Ususally it takes 4 weeks to get to where we are right now. And we have been this functional for almost a week now. I hope that we are able to move even faster into a better routine. Maybe a cleaner one. But that still isnt my strong point.

Jul and i have decided that once a week we are going to go to a new restaurant and try something different. Today we had Biryani. Its chicken, basmati rice, coconut and some seasoning that makes it a nice golden yellow colour. It was so good, (and there are left overs) that we are having it again for supper! I cant wait to figure out something else next week! Maybe we should do research on what to eat (or what country) and then have even more fun trying something out that we know a little about.

Jade is coming over monday to help me sort things out a bit, trying to get things in order... Then i will go to her house and help her. I think it is easier to help someone else in their house, than to do your own. I never know where to start in my house, but i have no difficulties in someone elses house.

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