Wednesday, October 4, 2006


Today I had an appointment with the midwives. My mom had offered to come and watch the kids for me. And i am so glad that i didn’t take her up on it!

There are student midwives learning right now in the community and there was a "lesson" happening as we were leaving. Anita was teaching Jane how to rupture a "membrane" (balloon) on a dumby that actually had a doll inside of it. Jul got right into the middle of it, and they not only let him, but encouraged him!! And after the balloon was popped he got to play with the hook, looking at what happened. If that wasn’t enough, Jul then asked to help birth the baby! Anita taught him how to help the baby out by holding the vagina and perineum and then how to gently lift the baby up as it exits. It was amazing to watch him in the mix of all these women-midwives and see his fascination.

And it is times like that that i am so excited about educating him at home!

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