Thursday, October 5, 2006

"The Body of Christ"

This past week at church the body was the metaphor for what the Church is. What does that mean? Well… that’s a great question. What does it mean? Does it mean that we can’t survive without each part? I don’t know, ask any amputee. They do seem to survive, even if they require a prosthetic. Does it mean we all share in a part of something bigger? And if that is the case, how do we all work together? Or is it just something that we can all relate to as we all have bodies? It’s a pretty tangible explanation. (No pun intended.) If it is that we all have a part in the church, how do we coordinate with each other? And to whom do we go for assistance when parts aren’t working the way you would expect them?

So many people since Thomas left (and before he left) said to me that if I need help or anything at all to call them, and they will be there for me. I truly appreciate this from all who offer. I do need help. But I don’t know how anyone can help us or our situation. And I am not even sure what I need help with. I’m exhausted. Does that mean I need to sleep more? No, it means I am almost 8 months pregnant. Jul is having difficulties going to bed at night. How can anyone help me with that? I don’t know how to help him myself. I know he misses Daddy, but I can’t bring him home.

I keep wondering; if I had this or that would I feel overwhelmed with chores? Probably, no “appliance” or assistant is going to help the fact that I am tired and my kids won’t go to bed until I am almost ready to sleep myself. Everyone wants to help out… be the body of Christ for me. And I love them all for it. But I don’t know where to start. I find it easy to ask for things that are obvious. As I am sure most would. Where do I turn or what help do I ask for when my kids are crying and I need comforting too? And how do I keep comforting them on an issue that I have little comfort in myself?

If we, the church, are the body, and the knees are scraped, what do we do to bandage them? If the brain of the church stops coordinating things in the body, what kind of neurologist helps with it? How does a church stop the hurt of so many? And how do we assess the order of neediness?

Ok, so I need help. But I don’t know what to ask for.

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