Monday, August 7, 2006

Things I miss and the things i cherish

I have SO missed being around my friends lately... I miss sitting and chatting with them, sharing thoughts ideas, joys and frustrations with them. I miss the quiet comfort of having them near me and real conversations that you can only have with girl friends. I enjoy the things they say, how they challenge and encourage me. Excitement is barely the word when it comes to getting together with them, either one on one or in a big group.

Yet, i'm not ready to give up my time with Thomas. I dont want to share my time with the other people that i love so much. This time we have together is so precious! And being able to do things as a family is fantastic! We have never had time like this before. And i am being so selfish with it. So my dear friends... but i am not ready to give this up yet! But soon i will be back.

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