Monday, May 4, 2009

I want to do well

I try hard and think of many fun things for my beloved children to do... as far a schooling goes. Drawing, mathematics, science, english, music... all sorts of things. I become so excited about it. Only to find that my kids arent interested. Not when i try to show them something. I get discouraged by this because i find so many people who can help facilitate wonderful experiences for their children and their children embrace them. My kids dont care. They dont care how much effort or time or love i have put into something. If they arent interested there is no way to get them to focus. At least not on me when i am trying to teach them.

But i also try not to stress too much about this. Or about how i wish my kids would do 'x' or 'y'. I watch them seek these out on their own time. And that is why i do this. That is why my children fascinate me.

Some days are filled with what i feel are great learning experiences. Others i feel my day slipped by with nothing checked off but play. Although i know that play is important, i do still worry someday that my children arent at the right 'level of learning'. I do worry.

Then i watch them play. I watch Jul get a high school on "Brain Quest". And i read things like this. And i feel better.

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