Friday, May 15, 2009

I sit and read peoples blogs and i'm afraid that life happens outside of Owen Sound. It is as if everyone in growing and moving. And i wish i were too. I wish the walls would fly far from here. I wish it were an easier world to navigate, to come and go between places easier. I wish everyone could see how funny my kids are... like when Oakley puts his ear to the bowl with pretzels saying there is noise coming from them. I wish my sunflower house would grow big and strong. And that my garden would flourish. I wish i could eat slower. I wish my chocolate creme brulee didnt have cayenne pepper in it last night. I wish my friday night get-togethers with my beloved friends could happen tonight!

Two years. How much will everything change? I can only imagine.

I can imagine my garden fragrant and bountiful. I can imagine my children playing and it bringing tears to my eyes because i am so filled with joy. Or times with friends that do the same, and laughing so hard all night that my stomach hurts the next day. I can imagine G*d blessing my family with more little feet running through my home. (I just cant imagine how He plans on doing it.) I can imagine my house being as beautiful everyday. (i think that will require a maid!!)

I love that my day has many hours in it still.


yelsel said...

i'm very intrigued by the cayenne pepper in your chocolate creme brulee.

jordin said... was the BEST brulee. The chocolate was rich and smooth... and dissolved in my mouth. With a chaser of burning!!!

Rachel said...

I recently bought spicy red pepper hot chocolate. It's actually pretty good.

I'm sure things will change in 2 years, Jordin, but in some ways, it'll feel like everything's still the same.

I miss you!

jordin said...

I miss you too, Rachel, terribly!