Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I have, loosely, been re-potty training Oakley. Today we have had 3 or so accidents. But he did make it once. and to show me that he was, indeed, peeing on the potty, he pulled he pulled himself out while peeing, getting the pee all over the floor.


Erika said...

Has he gotten pee in the sink yet?

Don't ask me how, but he will :) lol

jordin said...

Actually, yes. But more because the toilet is in use. Poor Clover when she was a baby would only pee in the sink. It took a little while to get her BACK on the potty!

But, oh my, boys are an odd breed. And so sweet!

The Reverend's Lover said...

too funny! I think you should blog about that one.

(And do share your cleaning product tips)