Monday, April 6, 2009


Yesterday my family spent the day at a friends house. It was lovely! They live in the country and the kids were a mess! It was fun.

Somehow the topic moved to home educating. It was very good because I was able to remind myself why i do this. Why do i choose to allow my children to not follow the 'standard'? I was able to remind myself that i do this because I want my children to learn at their pace, their standard. I want them to desire to learn. And, yes, i struggle with this and with being concerned that my children aren't learning all they are 'supposed' to be learning. But again, I do this so that my children are cared for, not just looked after... (not saying that there aren't great teachers out there and that children who go to school aren't cared for.) I desire to be around my children, even when they are driving me insane! They can bring tears to my eyes because of who they are.

I home educate because i have the opportunity to. My husband and I have set everything up in such a way that we can have me be at home. I try to figure out what things to help my children learn, from computer programs to books and library visits... to whatever else I can get my hands on. And I am often shocked by how much they know that I never taught them, and didn't know they even knew! Such as, the other week we were out as a family and there was a 'Brain Quest' game that could be played. I had Jul do grade 2, because that is where his age puts him. He got a high score! How does that happen!? It amazes me. They learn AT THEIR PACE! Not some predetermined structured, standardized pace. But each individually! My youngest can count to 11, and we are often asked how old he is because of his incredible ability to articulate himself, at 2 years old.

I only wish that I was more disciplined at getting done the things I hope to... knitting and sewing... and house work.


Michelle Lamey said...

I love these kinds of stories...

jordin said...

Thanks Michelle! I miss you lots! Say hi to Kelly for us.