Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet Love

On Thursday Thomas and I spent the day without children. It was wonderful! To spend time with my wonderful husband, doing very little. Listening to him talk about whatever comes to his mind. While there was silence I thought to myself that he must think that I have become awful dull. I didnt have much to say.

We came home in time to rush back out to take Jul to Kung Fu. But as we approached the door, there was a note from FedEx saying that they missed us and that they would try to redeliver the next day, or if i signed, they would leave the package for me. Having ordered some plants from a nursery, i didnt want to have them left outside, nor did i want to miss them! So, i ran out and picked up the little package. I opened the order form... not quite what i thought. So i came home, with it unopened.

Thomas suggested that I open it, because the seeds came in the mail. I wondered out loud what it could be. Thomas smiled and said, probably your birthday gift.

Inside the card was this:

I do not sing for a bird or a flower,
Nor for any other pleasure
But for my lady for whom I long,
For she is the fairest in the world.

My wonderful husband had ordered me a (Red) Ipod. And on the back he had inscribed:

"If music be the food of love, play on"

My husband makes my heart flutter, and makes me fall deeper in love with him each moment.


Rachel said...


Your birthday's not for another couple weeks, right? The 12th?

jordin said...

Thats true, Rachel. But Thomas was told that it would take a few weeks to be delivered! So i get to enjoy it early.

The Reverend's Lover said...

That is so romantic.

Sounds like you two have all there is worth having. :)

I'd love to read more blogs posts like this one!!