Sunday, April 12, 2009


Kids are so great. At least mine are... ;)

I bought some flowers the other week to brighten the house and in the bouquet were some pussy willows. Sweet Clover shows Thomas the flowers and when she gets to the pussy willows she says: 'look daddy, wussy pillows!'

Jul has been wanting me to write out some stories for him to illustrate. I was trying to get him to write it out himself because his penmanship is horrible! I say to him that if he doesnt practice it wont ever get better. His response: 'I'm not kind of man!'

I have been having the kids memorize bible verses, it was the one thing i found most valuable from Awana... Last week the verse was Psalm 119:11 (I have hidden your word in my heart that i might not sin against you.) I dont expect much from Oakley, just that he repeat me. Today during a hike he was singing away about wanting G*d in his heart, 'hidden word in my heart'... 'unnineteen-eleven'.... 'i not sin against you'... It was so sweet!

It has been a good day.


Erika said...

there is something so special about Awana - I think my kids have more scripture in them than I do.

jordin said...

My kids enjoyed it when they went... I just feel too busy already and dont want to add the pressure of a verse a week on those terms. I know lots of people love it. I am not one of them. I dont know what disturbs me about it. My kids desperately want to go back. But the memory verse on our window is working for now. And it brightens my day to look at it, and the plants growing under it.

I think kids have an easier time remembering verses and such than adults. I wish i had grown up with this being as important as it really is!!