Friday, August 8, 2008

"They Say That in the Army..."

I am so anxious!!! I am having a hard time focusing on anything right now. It's easier to be distracted by, well, anything than stay on task. I hate that we STILL dont know where Thomas is going to be posted to. Why must it take so stinking long?! Thomas keeps saying 'hopefully by the end of next week'. Well, no kidding!!! The course ends the week after, and parade is in 19 days! What the heck!?

Seriously, they have to have an idea by now! They have to have made a decision! What's the hold up?! I want to be assured that everything is ok... that we will be ok. I want to be able to make plans... this waiting for so long just isnt fun anymore. I try to remind myself that it is an adventure... but if i dont know where i am going, it is just stressful.

I usually love anticipation.. but at Christmas. I am trying to remember that this is an exciting time, with Thomas' promotion... and a new house. But i just want to know where i will be so that i can begin the adventure.


Please God, give me patience, so i dont have to be frustrated. You set all things in motion. And i know that this, too, will be good.


dawna said...

it could be taking so long because is still working out the details of getting you to the place you really want to go to... that happened to us. i know it's hard, but it's best to trust the process.

jordin said...

True enough Dawna... Maybe they are looking into giving Thomas what he wanted... which wasnt on the original list.

Barb said...

I hope you find out soon....I know that would be driving me a bit crazy too.
God bless!!!

jordin said...

Unfortunately, Barb, we probably wont find out until the end of next week. But i feel better about it now.