Thursday, August 14, 2008

bad bad bad

I had the worse night EVER!!!! I could hear little mice under my house. Yuck. I went to be at a reasonable time. Where i was wakened by a bat flying around. Scary. My neighbour's alarm went off at 6am, very loudly. Frustrating. Then i come down stairs, go to the car to get my extra glasses (because there is no way i am going back into my bedroom with a bat still in there!!!), come back into the kitchen, and there are raccoons in my back yard! One drinking out of the pool! INFURIATING!!!

I am not happy this morning. I have a really bad cold, i didnt sleep well, and i have no idea how i am going to get dressed this morning. I can find the humour in this. Just not yet. And to top it all off, i cant find my cinnamon bun recipe.


Aphra said...

We are sisters in the bad night!

My birds were freaked out at 4am and I knew there was a mouse out there with them (scaring them) so I got up and switched on the light and there is the cheeky little mouse looking at me. I am soo putting out lots of traps tonight. He will not be cheeky much longer! He's evidently not eating the death mouse blocks I put out. Gah!

What will you do with the bat?

jordin said...

well.. i slept in clovers room, and blocked the room off. Tim Lyon was over this morning and couldnt find it. so... i am going to keep it blocked off until Thomas comes home.

Rachel said...

AARGH! My sympathies!

We had another bat, too, the other night. I can't remember if it was before I talked to you or not. Anyway, thankfully Jason was home and caught it in a towel. What's up with these bats this summer!?

jordin said...

Stinking bats!!! I had someone else come over this evening, but we couldnt find it. But i am still going to sleep in Clover's room.

Aphra said...

I think bats can hide in really small holes BUT also may he/she have escaped the way he came in?

I got my mouse this morning!