Saturday, August 2, 2008


Someone at Thomas' work suggested getting a dog. Thomas asked who would take care of it. They said Jul. To which Thomas said that Jul cant keep fish alive, let alone a dog!!!

About 6 weeks ago, Jul went fishing with his best friend Peter and his father Lei. When they got back they brought the fish all home. But one was alive, in a bucket. Jul and Peter come running in, showing it to me... then dump this sunfish (which happened to be bigger than this one in the picture) into our fish tank!!!

So, for weeks, this stinking fish, that Jul has called Peter, is swimming around, jumping and hitting the lights... and in all just making a mess of the tank! We released it back into the lake last weekend... after it ate all but one of the fish.

So after telling this story to Thomas' co-worker, the person said that Jul did a great job keeping the big fish alive!

Hmph. I guess it is all perspective.


Aphra said...

I think Jul did a great job too :)
What a great story!

My neighbours have 4 kids. When they stopped having kids they got a dog and she is now the 'baby' of the family.

Rachel said...

It was so funny to see that giant sunfish swimming around in there! That kid cracks me up!

jordin said...

It was quite funny... until he started jumping and hitting the top of the tank. Then it was just eerie.

Oh man, that boy makes me laugh!