Monday, August 25, 2008


Softball and i have a very tumultuous relationship. Most of the time, we go well together. Other times, not so much. As was displayed Friday night. But in many ways, it might have been so appropriate to end the season the way it started; with a broken nose. But i will not yield!! I played no matter what. And had so much fun!!!! (i dont believe it to be broken... but i was reminded by one of my teammates that i am not always good at knowing when to say when.)

I think i am very unusual in that pain makes me focus clearly. My eyes were tearing, and my face stinging... but i didnt want the moment to be rushed, the pain was a fascinating sensation. I'm not saying that i want to do it again, but i dont mind pain. Pain is telling us something, and most people fight pain instead of going with it. And i find that after being in a little bit of pain, i seem to not be as distracted.

We had so much fun at the games. Especially the 2nd game, which we won and i got the last out out!!! I am sad that it is over. I wonder if i will be able to play next year.

We also had Thomas' cousin and partner (hurry up and get married, i really want to come to the wedding!!!!) visit Saturday. I love spending time with them. They are too much fun!!! But after they left i decided that i would put the younger kids to bed and not go to church. I thought i would be best for them because there was no way they could keep it together. But i am sad that i missed it!! Apparently we did some exercises writing people little cards. There are so many things i would love to say, but never have the opportunity. It sounds like it was a lot of fun!!!

I cant wait to see what this week brings!!


Rachel said...

You could still write little cards on your own and hand them out...

Your nose LOOKS normal!

jordin said...

Well.. i hope to write them out... but right now, i dont know if i will get the opportunity!

I got a broken nose when i was 3years old... I think being hit by the ball straightened my nose out!!!