Thursday, August 3, 2006


So often as a housewife i feel so incredibly inadequate!! If Thomas is alone with the kids, i come home to an emmaculate house, a gourmet meal, and a craft from the kids. All of which i love, but i feel like we choose poorly with me staying at home and Thomas working.

However, we were having an ultrasound, and Thomas (who was resting) decided he would stay and rest instead of getting up and coming with Jul and I. I was gone no longer than an hour and walk through the door, to yet another perfect house, a smiling child and... WAIT! what is this?! "I am going to kill her!"

So, while i was gone for the ultrasound, Clover woke up, minutes after i left, had loose poops, taken off her diaper and smeared it all over anything she could touch in her bedroom. (bed, walls curtain, window...) She then came and woke up Thomas who put her in the bath tub to clean her, then went to the bedroom to clean up her mess. Only to complete that, and have to do the bathroom.

Clover pulled the plug, and sprayed shampoo and body wash all over the bathroom. So, now, neither her or the bathroom was clean. And Thomas had to do both, clean her and the bathroom... but instead of keeping her with him, he took her down stairs after he cleaned her and went back upstairs and cleaned the bathroom... then came downstairs to garbage everywhere!

To make things even better, as he came down, a friend of his showed up and got to walk through all the garbage with him.

I got told, that he is not cut out to be a homemaker. That what i do i so much harder than anything he can "handle".

It was nice to hear, but it made me laugh hystarically because he was the one who wanted the ultrasound in the first place!!!

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