Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am an arachnophobia. Terrified. I would convince kids at camp that the spiders up in the corners of their bunks were great because they would keep mosquitoes away, but secretly i couldnt help them. I watched a documentary about them, which made me less horrified. However, they still freak me out.

When i had children i didnt want to pass my fear onto them. So i can trap them and release them outside. I can even help my daughter find them for pets. But... when they are this big... well, thats just wrong!

I took these at our cottage. We had to pass these on a bush on our way to the water. You can get an idea how big they are because the leaves are pretty average... most know the size of a web and of spiderlings. And yes, there were two. TWO!!!!


Canadianladybug said...

WoW! These are indeed HUGE spiders.... Well at least you can take pictures of them now. *grin*

I have a friend who doesn't like spiders. I didn't know about until last night when we came out of the meeting for the homeschool association here... She had one with long legs on her hair... I was going to take it but she was faster than me when she saw I was going to remove something from her hair.

But definetively, yours beat the one I saw last night... LOL

Rachel said...

YOINKS! And I don't even mind spiders!

I walked into a nest of baby spiders this spring when I was mowing the lawn. I had them in my hair, down my shirt, everywhere. Thousands of them! I had to run in, strip naked and sweep off all the itty bitty little crawly things. I'm glad it happened to me and not to someone terrified of spiders. It was not pleasant!

Lissa said...

Oh, horrors!!


And Rachel? That is one terrifying story. Thousands of itty bitty spiderlings? My skin is crawling.