Monday, August 31, 2009

In the front of our house is a retaining wall. It frames our house with hedges on top. I love how it looks! It gives the house a very hidden appearance. It feels so... not innercity.

But every so often, more often in the warmer weather, people place their litter on it. Pop cans, empty packaging, coffee cups. Anything they dont want to transport to an actual garbage either sits on the wall itself or under the hedge, slightly out of view.

Jul takes this as a personal insult. It infuriates him when he finds something on the wall or on our lawn. He doesnt understand why they use our yard.

The other day Jul screamed, beckoning me to him Broken bones still fresh in my mind I tear out to the front. Jul yells; 'They littered again!!!'
This is what i found.


Rachel said...

I can never believe how tiny your house looks in pictures. I think it's because it's set back further than the ones on either side of it. So deceiving.

jordin said...

*lol* yeah, it looks like an innercity cottage!

The Hippie Moose said...

finders keepers... I say sell it on kijiji!