Monday, September 28, 2009

In, i think, April we were visited by the "Welcome Wagon" lady came with her package. It was nothing exciting, really. But in it there was this. It has been a wonderful way to discover the area. We have made several trips to get punches for the passport, and have had a blast doing so!

This weekend we decided to try to get the rest of the punches, having only 5 left. It was such a wonderful adventure!!! We found wonderful places and nice people. We stayed here on our very first camping trip. And on Sunday we had brunch here. We needed reservations for the brunch, which had live music!!! And it was AMAZING!!!!! There were all kinds of salads and fruit and quiche (which i dont eat, but i know people love it) and the very best hash browns i have ever had!!!

It was so wonderful all weekend that we almost stayed an extra night! But this morning at 7 am we were all alarmed by the HUGE thunder rumbling over us, and we were happy to be in our home!

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The Hippie Moose said...

I LOVE that area! Awesome you guys got out camping finally! That book got returned to me... I must have written the address down wrong... can you e-mail it to me again (sorry!)