Saturday, August 29, 2009

This week i was able to go to the CNE. FOR FREE!!! The army offered free admission, and free transportation. I was incredibly apprehensive to go alone with the three kids, and since Thomas wasnt able to go i thought i would ask our babysitter to help out. This girl, this young woman is just amazing! She played with them, kept them close to her. My extra set of eyes who can be the coolest person to my kids. They love her, and it is obvious. Clover will give her hugs freely, which is remarkable!!! And how she interacts with my children!!! I do not pay her enough. And i said that, bragging to all the others there. It back-fired though, when another mother asked for her number to sit for her. But that is why i pay this girl $10 an hour. Even though she told me that she normally only charges $5. Five?! I'm sure that most people only pay that to their sitters, but I was getting paid that when i was 12. I told her that there has to be at least some inflation over the years.... and that getting paid that much (i hope) help pay for some extra loyalty.

I am hoping to employ her often.

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