Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, we're all over that!

In order to keep some kind of record for school i have been sitting down once a week and writing down what we have done during the week. I was thinking that last week we didnt do all that much, until i started writing it all down.

I find it really reassuring that we do so much, even when i dont see it! We went to a very large market, they had EVERYTHING you could imagine!!! And we only did about a quarter of it! And the library to do research for essays (Jul is doing his on spiders, Clover on giraffes). We planned, advertised and organized a lemonade stand. Lots of baking and lemon squeezing. And so much more.

This morning, we did our school work at the beach. It has been great.

I will leave you with a new Julism: its a bright as a pocket full of monkeys!


Aphra said...

do you have to send records to the gov't or are these just for you?

p.s. you can let school out for the summer :)

jordin said...

:) the records are for me. I find they help me keep on track and focused, or i become overwhelmed easily. And i could let out for the summer. But i find that if i keep on keeping on it is much easier on my routine. and really, its pretty easy to do some school off and on. Plus i find that it really helps them to really take on the knowledge, and not just retell what he has been told. Tests become completely unnecessary this way. My book helps me know what else i need to do.

The Hippie Moose said...

we don't stop for the summer either. If learning just becomes a part of your journey it never becomes tedious. keep up the good work!