Sunday, June 21, 2009

I have tried for years to grow flowers at my old house. I tried so many different things, and the only plants that would grow were the ones that were there already. I bet that will be the case here too. But thankfully, the previous owners and i have the same taste in plants. The only thing that worried me, was the colour.

Since the ground started to thaw, and the enormous amount of snow melt, things have been popping up everywhere! Unsure what is weed or not as things progressed, i did very little. But now i have a pink rose bush, iris (my favourite) in two different purples, and poppies. I was very concerned about the colour of the poppies. I am not a fan of the orange ones. I was hoping for blue, but knowing that was unlikely, either red or pink.

Here's what i got!

From this picture, and as it was opening, it was still hard to tell if it was going to be orange or pink:
Then it was obviously a pinkie salmon colour:
As the petals finally fell away, i noticed this... strange colouring at the centre:Then this!!! How cool is this!? The circles in the centre were hard to pick up on the camera but they are purple!
On another note, these are what i made for my secret sisters' birthday on Friday.... i am very pleased with them and am making more handkerchiefs. (even the neighbour boy, who's eleven, wanted some!)


Aphra said...

Beautiful both!

The Hippie Moose said...

LOVE the handkerchiefs! I hope I have as much luck with my seeds as you did!

jordin said...

well, Steph, none of these are from seed... I never have success from seed. this was all here!!! minor exception....

Thanks ladies regarding the handkerchiefs... it was my first attemp at embroidery! I am very happy with them.

Anonymous said...

iris'!!!! my mom's back yard is outlined with them.....I'll get some more colours to you this fall..k? what's your favorite colour?


The Reverend's Lover said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!! the flower and the hankies - are you going to set up an etsy shop so you can sell those beauties?!

jordin said...

Thanks April, i would take any and every colour you can get me!!!

I dont think i would ever set up an etsy shop. I find that when i HAVE to do things i dont enjoy it as much, and it really is fun! Thanks for the compliment! I really had fun doing it, and i love the results. I was inspired by your post about handkerchiefs!