Monday, February 2, 2009

street kid

This morning Jul was angry at me and decided he was going to run away. Here is our conversation.

Me: What are you doing?
Jul: Packing. I'm leaving.
Me: Where are you going?
Jul: I'm going to live on the streets.
Me: Where are you going to sleep?
Jul: I will take some blankets.
Me: Where are you going to go to the bathroom?
Jul: I will go to a gas station.
Me: What will you do if you get cold?
Jul: I will take warm clothes.
Me: What if you get wet?
Jul: I will take a fan to dry me off.
Me: Where will you plug it in?
Jul: Not that kind of fan.
Me: What will you eat?
Jul: I'm going to take a record player and break dance for money.
Me: Where are you going to plug that in?
Jul: Fine, i wont take the record player. I will just break dance.
Me: What if no one pays you?
Jul: I will take my [wooden] sword and shield and make them give me money.
Me: What will you do when you go to jail for assault?
Jul: I will just show them the sword. [instead]
Me: What will you do when you go to jail for threatening?
Jul: Fine, i will tell them if they dont want to give me money, they dont have to.

Jul then changed his mind and decided that he was just going to the corner and would be back every night to sleep and eat.

Then we had to duel to see if he stayed. I had to get past his shield 3 times with my sword to make him stay. Then one hundred times. I won convincingly.


Aphra said...

that is kind of funny that he had an answer for everything!

In life I think a lot of times we think that running away is the easier option, but it really isn't is it? you have to think of so many other things!

fearless said...

this was awesome. hug him for me.
missing you all...

Michelle L. said...

I can so picture him having that conversation with you....