Thursday, January 29, 2009

First month in new home

I'm sorry, dear friends, that i have been so absent. There are so many things i have wanted to write about, but no time!!! I have been very busy baking, getting together with friends, sewing, and helping birth babies.

Oh, and getting stuck in snow banks after driving home after said baby was born. It was a wild ride! The birth was hard and difficult. But beautiful. The mother was amazingly strong and she was radiant!!! But this isnt my story to tell.

The ride home, during a winter snowstorm, was fine. Until i was 10 kms from Owen Sound. My car (a rental) caught a rut and starting to slide a bit into the other lane, where a school bus was driving in the other direction. So, when it became obvious to me that i was going to lose complete control, i choose to end in the snow, and not the bus. And at the risk of sounding morbid, it was kinda fun. I had been resting my knee against the door, so when i started off the road, i moved my knee, relaxed my shoulders and just went with it. The snow out the window made this amazing wave out driver-side window and i wondered if i was going to roll. I wasnt worried, just curious and a little excited. When i stopped, all i could think about is whether the car was damaged... cause i didnt want to pay it out of my insurance. Then i look out the otherside and i was so upset because the pie i bought flipped over... then i couldnt find the cell phone a friend had lent me.

But it was all good. The car is fine, alignment and all... And so was the pie. :)

Anyways... i think i will end this post with some pictures of the things we have been doing:

This is the cake Jul wanted for his birthday:

It was as yummy as it looks!!!

This game was given to Jul for his birthday from some new friends... it's a lot of fun!!

This is Blood Orange Marmalade (it is really easy!!!)

It, too, is as yummy as it looks!!!

These reddish mittens are made out of merino wool that i ordered and made, copying the brown mittens which i already have.

Nice, arent they!?!

And a picture of sweet Clover, just because she wasnt in any of the other pictures... and well

because she is so stinking sweet!! Just look at her: So cute!!!


dawna said...

sounds like you're settling in really well, jordin. and sweet clover, oh my how she has grown! of course it's been quite some time since i've seen her. wow, she's beautiful! (and so is that cake!)

Rachel said...

Whose baby?!

Aphra said...

How tall was the cake? It looks huge in the photos!

Thanks for updating :)

jordin said...

My friend Jenn. We dont see each other much, but it is always intense when we do see each other.

We lived together in vancouver, i was her matron of honour at her wedding... and now i was her assistant in labour.

She blesses me with so much love!

jordin said...

The cake was quite tall!!! We ended up taking the top two layers off to cut and serve. And just half the cake was a fair serving size.

So very yummy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Love - you bless me! with so much love! Sorry to hear that your trip home was as exciting (err, perilous?) as the birth! Glad to hear you're safe though.
I could not have given birth without you...*absolutely* could not have. I love you so much!