Monday, February 23, 2009

It's there

Ten years ago, this summer, Thomas and i left everything and moved to Vancouver to do a mission trip. While we were they gave us a book to read; "Dangerous Wonder". In the beginning the author talks about the most dangerous kinds of people: The Dream Killers. These people come in and tell us we can't follow our dreams, or tell us our dreams are impossible, or worse yet, that our dreams are wrong.

As a child one can imagine, with such detail and passion that it truly rivals reality. Unfortunately, as we get older (and more exposed to the 'real' world) somehow that stops. We encounter many people who tell us that our hopes and dreams are stupid or unrealistic and each of these 'truths' take away a little part of that imagination, that... desire to dream big.
My hope is that my kids will be less susceptible to these people, these Dream Killers. That they will be able to dismiss people who try to crush their dreams. I hope to raise children who will have strong convictions and will follow their dreams, where ever it takes them. I want them to be able to see things in a new light, in a way no one else does. I want them to love deeply, trust Christ fully, and not to be afraid to fall while trying to parachute off my couch with a pillowcase. I want them to not need the favor of people, but their hearts to strive towards pleasing God.

And most of all, i dont want to be their Dream Killer.

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