Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to Basics

It has been a crazy time around here. This will be the first weekend since.... well, we moved here that we wont have visitors. And this is the first week that Thomas is back to work.

So, we started easing in slowly... Last week we started getting Jul doing his school book. And last night i had to order him a new one, because he will be done this book at the end of the month. We also ordered math books. So... we have started that routine. Among many others.

Clover, Oakley and i baked yesterday together for the first time. EVER. And it was amazing!!! This kitchen allows me to be the parent i always wanted to be... cooking and baking together is very easy here.

So far i am really enjoying my new city and my new house. I hope to find some more home learners soon...

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