Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today at PEG we talked about how do we decide who influences our children. Or at least that is what we were supposed to talk about. I didnt plan on leading it so i didnt prepare any questions. However, i ended up trying. But it did get me thinking, how so i decide. Or do i decide at all.

This can be especially difficult with family. And i find that with people who are negative regarding homeschooling in suggesting that my children will never learn how to interact with people that they might have difficulties with. And really, i would love to meet a family that doesnt have at least one difficult member! You cant avoid family entirely. But i do limit time with them or I alter my level of supervision.

I can do my best regarding certain children. But i cant avoid them all together. And, in fact, all i can do when they are around is remind Jul how i want him to play. This happened very recently. And i was very proud of how Jul responded!

Then there is the fact that i home educate. There are a few organizations that i can get involved with, but i choose not to. I think i will look into them, but i feel right now, where we are, at this time, i dont want to make myself more busy. And, then i have to decide how i want to be involved. Or more, who i want to be involved with within these organizations. Right now, i am happy with what organizations (such as PEG, YBA, Rustle and baseball) we are involved with.

Now, there are still people involved with each of these organization that i would rather not have around me, all i can do is try not to allow how i feel about them affect how i treat them, or i try not to allow the things they say to influence how i feel about myself.

I want to be a good influence. I try really hard to be a good influence on my children, and to others around me. Because, in the end, i am the one who will influence my children the most.


Aphra said...

your post made me wonder if we as adults should think about who influences us!

jordin said...

I agree! I do try hard in making an effort, and surround myself with people who inspire me!

BTW, i started reading things that you post about on your bible tree blog!

Michelle said...

I really like what you said about being careful that how you FEEL about someone doesn't effect how you treat them... A good reminder of what I already know. Michelle