Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I have been so excited lately. I have been loving almost every aspect of life lately. Yet, i have been unable to post. Why? I think partly because my mind goes blank whenever i try to write something. And partly because i feel i give an inaccurate view of what my life is like. I hate reading blogs that only show the pretty part of their life. I want to give the whole picture of what my life is like. Only lately, my life has felt incredibly insane!!! On course, finished course, bumped from course, on course again. On the ball, dropping the ball, learning, forgetting, happy and excited, frustrated and disappointed.

I have felt only slightly overwhelmed lately. But my brain doesnt seem fully functional, as Jul would say: 'i forgot my brain'.

It amazes me how much Thomas affects our home life when he isnt even around!! But everything truly revolves around him. And it makes sense, we are a unit.

My two youngest have only been awake for 1 hour and 1/2, respectively, and i am so glad that i didnt rush out the door, seeing as it has started to rain.

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Aphra said...

What? It's raining? You are my window to the world as my office has no window!! lol :)

I thought garage demolition would be a piece of cake, but so far it is a quagmire :(