Monday, July 16, 2007

Nursery Rhymes

We dont really sing nursery rhymes to the kids... I just never think to. We sing all sorts of other songs. Jul's favourite song is 'Here I Am' by Emmy Lou Harris. It use to be a common song sang at Next, not so much at Rustle. And for whatever reason i am really enjoying the Dead Kennedys. I dont know too many kids who know almost all the words to 'California Uber Alles'. I say almost because Jul was singing it "California Manitoba".

Jul is fascinated by music. He has a real electric guitar and makes songs up frequently. Mainly about dinosaurs.

But, the other day, Thomas and Jul are driving down the street and they are listening to some 90's alt/rock mix and 'Shoots and Ladders' comes on by KORN, they are enjoying it and Jul is singing right along. When the song ends Jul says: "Thats a really good song Daddy, that should be a kids song."

Maybe i should sing more nursery rhymes... or at least more conventional songs to my kids.

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