Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ugly Safety

When we first moved into this house, Thomas put up a fire extinguisher up on my kitchen wall. While i was gone. He knew i would never allow such an ugly thing on my wall. Especially in such an obvious location... beside pictures of my family.

I know he put it there to keep the family i love so much safe. But ON THE WALL?! Where every one can see it? couldnt it just be in the cupboard? Thomas said that if it were out then neither of us would ever have to fumble around for it.

This past week Thomas redid the whole kitchen for me. New counter top, new (glorious) dishwasher. And part of this was removing everything from the walls and painting them. And does it ever look wonderful! I love it!!! (Thank you again Thomas!!!)

But when it came time to put things back up on the walls, Thomas asked what i wanted him to do with the heinous fire extinguisher. I have grown to love it. I hate that it is there... but i love why it is there. Because of how much Thomas loves me. I hesitated a moment. What to do? I asked him to put it back. I would never remember where he put it and i would always look for it there if i needed it. And i loved the sweet sentiment that he took the time to wait until i was gone to put it up.

So my kitchen is still waiting for the pictures of my loved ones to go back up, but the ugly thing is back up on the wall. Where it belongs.

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