Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cotton Diapers

I love using cotton diapers. I love everything about them. Reusing them, how i feel using them and tender moments.

I love that there are no chemicals that are in contact with any part of him. I love doing laundry. The sorting, cleaning and putting away. Drying them as often as i can on the line outside. They are so fresh smelling when they come in, unlike when they come off of him. (Stinkingly sweet.) But that too, is enjoyable. Knowing that i get to nourish him... and know that it is truly filling all his needs. I feel good knowing that i am not filling up a landfill with a product that doenst biodegrade very well. And, it saves money.

I feel wonderful knowing that i can use something that, by our culture, seems overwhelming to use. Taking the time to be "inconvenienced" for my baby. I feel like a good mom. Taking time to cover him carefully with a liner, diaper, then (normally) wool soakers, ensuring nothing is out of place. I know that i shouldnt place my value in others opinions, but it feels good to see how other moms react when i pull them out. On Tuesday night i took fruit kabobs to Jul's baseball game. I wanted to take something healthy, as opposed to the usual, sugary drinks and Popsicles. But i also wanted to show that i can do it. See the other moms reactions. And i wasnt let down. Mom's were impressed. Kind of like how they react to seeing the cotton.

Knowing that these pieces of cloth, sewn together help keep my child's clothing dry. They are soft against his supple skin. The gentle wipes i use give me an excuse to rub his little body. Ensuring his skin is fresh. It feels so wonderful to touch him softly. Rubbing his legs as i unwrap him, kissing his round little belly... watching it rise and fall with each breath. Looking into his loving, bright eyes, watching them sparkle with pure joy. I love taking the extra minutes to to make him laugh. At first just a little grin, then it grows into a huge, open, two-tooth, full face smile.

These rags and recycled sweaters mean so much more to me. They are more than just rags to me. They are a way i can give back to the earth. They feed a bit of my pride (which is necessary sometimes). They represent precious moments that i wont ever get back. Knowing that i can take the time to clean him and keep him safe. I love that they take longer. And i love every "wasted" second of it.


Rachel said...

Well said, Jordin!

Aphra said...

I love cotton diapers too! I just found your blog today -you are an amazing writer. I love it!