Sunday, May 15, 2011

Maybe the reason there is less of a discipline problem is because they are relating to the children in a better way, and the kids are no longer frustrated. The kids are directing their learning instead of being prepared for a 'standardized' test. Nothing is standard when it comes to kids!!! If kids were standard then we would never have problems with children EVER! There would be no need for said tests and everyone would be the same! However, the drop in the literacy on the standardize test may be due to the fact that they are actually LEARNING and interested instead of regurgitating what was taught.... thus, they may be reading in other schools, but without the love of the act of reading.

Jul is starting to love reading. If he were in school, being forced to read he would HATE it. But he would have to do it so he could pass some stupid test! These tests are, in my opinion, taking time away from learning, and wasting time comparing.

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