Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We have been trying different experiments lately. These were just two of them.

Jul is having difficulties with fractions and Rachel told me about what she did with her daughter.

We measured how much a whole bottle was, then

broke it down.
Lovely in the sun light!

We also found a recipe for making your own paints.

Although the colour looks nice and saturated, it is very much a water colour, and i didnt have enough to make it intense.

But dont they look so pretty!!!

Both rainbows are lined up on desks in front of windows. and it brings so much joy to my heart!


Michelle said...

rainbows of any kind are my favourite. I even have a tatoo of one.

jordin said...

I love hearing that Michelle!

These rainbows have brought me a lot of smiles.... when i look over at the kids' desks, they just seem to sing into my heart. for many reasons

Michelle said...

and I like story in the bible of god sending a rainbow after the floor as a symbol that he would alwyas take care of us. oh and I've made rainbow potholders too.

jordin said...

I need to think of a smaller rainbow craft to make with Oakley for his little desk now. I would love it if you had a suggestion!