Thursday, March 3, 2011

I went through all the baby clothing and sorted it. It hurt to sort through it and pass it along. I know that there is someone out there who can really use it and is in need of it. But i have held onto it in hopes that i would put another baby into them. My heart breaks.

I thought i was done crying, but i broke down pretty bad at the Crisis Pregnancy Centre where i donated it. Thankfully, there was a woman from church who knew me and she just hugged me. I am happy to share the love and let others have the clothing. It is more that i dont want to be done having babies. I dont care how they come into my arms, as long as they do.

This, getting rid of the excess, was me letting go of my fertility, saying i want more of God. I just need to love Him more. And give this over to Him.

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Michelle said...

I have kept Kelly's things for a long time too only recently passing on a lot of clothes and for similar reasons. There are a few things still, though, that I cannot bear to part with.