Thursday, November 18, 2010

I often struggle with what the ideal me wants and the realistic me is.

I wish i was one of those people who dont watch tv, and they dont let their children play video games. But i AM one of those people. We LOVE tv. And the video games comes honestly from my husband.

I wish we were surrounded by natural toys and games. And we are moving that way. More crafts and such. But i cant get jul to be anything he is not.
Today, being thursday and the day after awana, we do very little. I think what i will do is take pictures of what i want to be, and put them up. What you wont see is that the kids are all looking at the computer, watching the Nutcracker. :D

Ok, ok... here it is:
And there are glimpses of creativity with jul! He just designed a very cool car on his game....

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